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Ignite the aura of your online precense with our simple 'Custom Media Builder Package' where we craft your online presence by establishing a social meda platform of your choice. You will have the option to select an individual pacage from the list below: 

* Facebook 

* Instagram 

* Youtube (Gmail Account Required: Included In Package)

* TicTok 

* Twitter 

* WhatsApp

*  Snap Chat

*  Pinterest 


* 30 minute consultation to discuss business handle name and direction for profile, banner and highlight photos/titles. 


This package includes the design & implementation of your profile, banner and highlight pictures. Once the design and intiation of sites is created we do not manage the sites. 


FYI: Our 'Social Media Builder Package' Is a Start Up package that can be selected from our products menue & includes: Facebook, Instagram & Youtube at a discounted rate. 

ADD ON: Individual Social Media Platform

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