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Ignite the aura of your online presence with our comprehensive, 'Social Media Builder Package' where we craft your online presence by establishing the following social media networks for you and your business: 

* Facebook 

* Instagram 

* Youtube (Gmail Account Required: Included In Package)

* Gmail Account (Includes a Social Media Management Spreadsheet hyperlink to all websites, logins and passwords for accessibility and management. 

* 30 minute consultation to discuss business handle name and direction for profile, banner and highlight photos/titles. 


This package includes the design & implementation of your profile, banner and highlight pictures. Once the design and initiation of sites is created we do not manage the sites. 


Social Media Platform  Add Ons Can Be Purchased Under 'Social Media Platform Add Ons (Individual) ' for further social media building presence: Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Linkedin... 

Social Media Platform Package

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